Our fine arts workshops are conducted by the veteran artist from India and around the world. It is structured 2-3 day workshop on Watercolor paintings, Oil painting acrylic and Pencil sketching.

Hues of Watercolor series & story of oil colors are are one of the most innovative and inspiring watercolor painting & oil color painting  learning programmes. Which organised by Coloring India Foundation.

Our fine arts workshops  is a unique opportunity for busy professionals like Architects, Doctors, IT Engineers, and also  for students of Art, Architecture and fashion along with art lovers and students, to learn from the internationally famed  Art Masters. Coloring India’s workshops are aimed to provide art lovers an opportunity to learn from art masters, the basics of drawing, knowing color mediums, their application technique, shortcuts etc.

These fine arts workshops are designed in such a manner that any individual with or without art background can have fun. It is excellent chance for people with the creative urge to learn from Art Masters like basics of Drawing, Sketching, oil colors and Watercolors.

Cheerful play with lines, texture, colors under the watchful eye of the master artist, which would take the participants to appreciate and understand the characteristic of  any medium of sketching or painting.

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The mission of Coloring India is to spread the importance of art all around and guide those who want to be a part of art and thus we conduct fine arts workshops for educational institutes specifically.

Our art workshops conducted in the educational institutes not only help them to understand the importance of various aspects of art but also gives them the tremendous opportunity to learn from the experience and renowned artist from India and around the world.

We have crossed the milestone of conducting workshops  in a number of architecture colleges teaching them art through the roads they are travelling, they are taught perspectives, observation techniques, etc, which not only help them to learn about the rules but also help in excelling their career.

Similarly we are looking forward to impart more knowledge about art to not only the art oriented educational institutes but also others as we believe art has its existence in every atom that exists on this planet.

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A large part of our efforts solves Art aspirant’s challenges
through our structured teaching efforts.

Fine tune or build an Artist in you, simply and elegantly with Coloring India

Structured, Unique & Impactful

Coloring India is a solution for the Art aspirants who want to become or put right foundation an Artist in you.The reason behind to start Coloring India is to provide the right learning for Fine Arts, The team behind Coloring India are Fine Arts graduates and very well know to place the Art better than anyone. And we are here for you with the years of research & fine tuning.

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